Budget travel Tips in Penang, Malaysia

Travelling through Penang can be quite budget-friendly if you have knowledge about some of the various incentives the state offers to its tourists. Accommodation in Penang costs just around $10 and there are a lot of budget guesthouses and hotels offering that price for a room with all the basic facilities and amenities required by a guest.

Eating breakfast

Eating out is another great budget activity in Penang. You can get a dish like Chee Cheong Fun and Hokkien mee at just 80 cents! If you want to grab a drink along with your breakfast, then it will cost you just about 40 cents.

The Free Penang Shuttle Bus

Georgetown is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Penang because of the various sightseeing and budget activities it offers. The biggest of them is the Penang Shuttle Bus that takes you on a free ride throughout the city. It stops at all the major tourist attractions and you get to read guides and brochures while sitting inside the bus. Travelling from Georgetown to cities like Kuala Lumpur and others comes for just about $1.50.

Lunch on a budget

Feeling hungry after exploring the city? No problem at all. Lunch at Penang is a very tourist friendly and cheap option.  A plate of Masi Kandar comes for just about $1.50. Along with tasting delicious, it also fills up your stomach quite a lot. If you go for drinks along with your lunch then that will cost you a meager 40 cents.

Free tourist spots

Now, let us talk about visiting the various tourist destinations and let us explore them within your budget. The good thing is that various tourist spots in Penang charge no entry fee whatsoever. You get to see places like the Butterfly Farm, the Khoo Kongsi temple, the tropical spice garden and The Penang Museum for free! Other places that do not have any entrance fees include the Cheong Fatt Tze Mansion and the Pinang Peranakan.

Inexpensive dining out

Want go out for dinner after a long day in the city? It will cost you just about $2 to try the various offerings from Penang. Some of the cheapest and the tasty items are available at the hawker stalls.

Other important budget tips while travelling in Penang

  • Do not go for a taxi ride. As is the case with other cities, a taxi ride in Penang is not exactly budget friendly. The best options are buses. They are always on time and are cheap as well. For getting into a city after arriving at the airport, you can take the Rapid Penang Bus, which offers economic services for tourists.
  • As mentioned above, make the most of the shuttle bus while exploring the city of Georgetown. It will cost you nothing and you will get to see some of the most amazing sights. Do not use the trishaw, as that is also quite expensive.
  • Whenever you get the chance, get walking. Penang has more than 300 tourist attractions and all of them are easily searchable on guide maps. Get a print out of the maps before travelling to Penang.
  • Cigarettes and beer are costly in Penang so avoid buying them while shopping.

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